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Beyond Breakeven

Beyond Breakeven is the unparalleled profit maximization tool. A tool that allows simple and complex business decisions to be made with a more complete understanding of the cost parameters determining profitability. The difference between the right decision and the wrong decision is often the difference between a profit and a loss, and we give you the tools to make better decisions.

Many financial analysis tools focus on strategization based on standardized industry ratios, but not Beyond Breakeven. In order to maximize a businesses profitability from any given revenue flow, costs must be appropriately designed as fixed or variable. Under certain revenue and cost situations, fixed costs are preferable to variable costs, because greater profitability can be achieved at the margin, but if revenue levels are not achieved to capture the fixed costs, then variable costs may be preferable because of greater flexibility. Understanding these costs can be confusing, and how to apply them in any expected scenario can change, so most businesses ignore the matter, feeling the complexity is beyond their control.

With Beyond Breakeven, Spreadware has again simplified advanced financial modeling. With Beyond Breakeven, users are able to define a business, and its associated costs and revenues. The costs are broken down by fixed and variable, and can be compared with up to 9 "What if?" models, which show profitability, or lack thereof, under alternate scenarios, highlighting how the model differs from the standard model. Though this is extremely valuable information, it is only the beginning. Beyond Breakeven also provides:

  • Situation modeling. Provided in two forms, Scenario and Solution, this type of modeling provides a glimpse of the business modeled under various situations. The modeling can be applied to any of the models, so one model can be evaluated, or multiple models compared. While Scenario modeling alters a business to fit a specific cost or revenue profile, Solution modeling shows what the business would have to do to achieve target levels of profitability.
  • Forecasting. Based on revenue growth rates, model(s) can be forecast, with their associated expenses, for better planning. Also, there are chart options associated with forecasting, including the ability to overlay "What if?" models on the Standard model for quick comparison.
  • Analysis. Three are immediately available. Individual Model performs a detailed analysis in report form, and highlights the impact of minor operating changes. Contribution Margin determines how much revenue a unit of each item - of which 200 can be modeled - will contribute to overhead and profit, while the Expense Ratio breaks down and charts expenses. Using these tools allows a business to understand which costs they may need to better control, and which products are best helping the company achieve its goals, as well as those that may be hindering the business.

With Beyond Breakeven, businesses are able to better maximize profitability under existing revenues, and plan for the future. Many will find that it is not always cheaper to farm out much of their business, while others will learn they need greater flexibility. Whatever the outcome, your business can now easily apply advanced financial modeling techniques usually reserved for only the largest of companies and their consultants.


You, of course, and everyone else making business decisions of any kind, or needing to have a better understanding of a business. This often happens to be Business Owners, Managers, Investors, CEOs, CFOs, CPAs, Financial Managers, Venture Capitalists, Corporate Spies, Consultants, etc., etc., etc.... Who should be using Beyond Breakeven. Anyone having anything to do with business.


As it has been said, Beyond Breakeven is the unparalleled profit maximization tool. Profit is derived from revenues kept after expenses. It is very difficult to control revenues; the goal is to generate the greatest revenues possible while minimizing expenses. Minimization of expenses is the factor here. Expenses are the controllable end of the business, and with Beyond Breakeven you are able to analyze expenses down to the most minute detail, the details that count. Taking this information into account and combining it with revenue estimates, you have planned profit. Beyond Breakeven allows you to analyze the model under multiple scenarios, even provide profit goal solutions. Beyond Breakeven enables you to see the effects of changes on the bottom line, whether the changes are pricing, quantity, expense or a combination of any factors. It is important to get an understanding of what will happen when changes are made.


Always. This program is so important to business profitability, it should be used on an ongoing basis. It is an excellent monitoring tool. It should be used when starting a business, launching a new product or service, or making an investment in a business. When you wish to understand profitability, when you want to make intelligent decisions, use Beyond Breakeven. Use it often.



Product Highlights

Analyze detailed revenue and cost factors for up to 200 sources - products and/or services.

Determine contribution margin of each revenue source.

Determine the effects of price changes on profitability. Solution modeling to determine revenues necessary to meet profit objectives.

Scenario modeling to determine what happens to your model under a single or multiple scenarios.

Compare up to ten models simultaneously, side by side.

Chart results, including automatically overlaid charts for comparison.

Complete analysis of models, including expense breakdown, contribution margin analysis and individual margin analysis.

Ability to project for up to ten years.

Extensive presentation quality reporting.

Flexible periods.

Definable rates for each period, allowing for sales fluctuations.

Expense detailing, with complete facilities for fixed and variable cost allocation.

Invaluable for any ongoing concern and a must for any new venture.

Create an unlimited number of Beyond Breakeven models.

Intuitive ease of use design.

Completely automated.

Maximize profit while minimizing expenses.

Great reporting.

Unlimited free support! We can do this because our products are so easy-to-use, and work within the familiar Excel environment. Even with unlimited free support, our customers need little help. We get lonely at the help desk. (Actually, it's because our customers are geniuses.) Inexpensive. Yes, we have competitors who sell products similar to ours, though not as good, for hundreds, sometimes thousands of dollars more. This product is priced for everyone to use.


Spreadware programs have integrated with Excel since the introduction of VBA (Visual Basic for Applications).

All Spreadware products are provided in three formats: Office/Excel 2013 & later; Office/Excel pre-2013; and, Office/Excel 2003 & earlier.

Our products work wherever you are running Excel for Windows, whether that be Windows 10, Windows 7, Windows Vista or Windows XP. If you are a Macintosh user: Microsoft stopped supporting VBA in the Macintosh environment. Because of users' dissatisfaction with the Macintosh Excel experience, we are not supporting the environment at this time.

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