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"We are very pleased with spreadsheet analysis and Z score...Overall the model will save us a lot of time and the presentation is excellent. Our clients are already commenting on how useful it is." Richard T. (Are they making money on our products? Selling information generated by our software? Sure, and he is not the only one, but you can do it yourself, cheaper.)




Business Financial Analysis ( BFA )

Executives, accountants, investors, credit managers and others use Business Financial Analysis in analyzing a company's financial condition. This easy-to-use flexible program will perform financial statement analysis, cash-flow analysis, ratio analysis and more. Already included in the program are straight-forward financial analysis modeling and the popular and powerful Z-Score model, which helps predict the likelihood of a business going bankrupt. Useful tools these are, but we've added more.

Business Financial Analysis also has a comprehensive, standardized cash-flow tool called Quick Cash Calc. This model allows users to determine and analyze monthly cash-flow for a business with up to 100 revenue sources. Quick input changes can be made in the model, so significant items such as the effects of changes in the collection period can be compared. Every aspect of cash-flow can be created, manipulated and analyzed. This is a key tool in the development of sound financial analysis, making Business Financial Analysis the financial analysis tool with the answers.

Business Financial Analysis is very easy to use. Enter financial statement information and watch the analysis be created in the easy to understand report format. Information can be easily obtained from financial statements to perform the valuable analyses. Use this program to analyze an investment, a competitor's business and most importantly - your business!

Note: This product has developed a following by credit managers and others in credit departments, who have found it an invaluable resource in analyzing accounts and potential accounts.



Product Highlights

Financial statement ratio analysis.

Quick Cash Calc cash-flow analysis.

Business Survival Analysis (Z-Score).

Cash-flow projection modeling, with income statement & balance sheet.

Can use up to 100 revenue sources.

Easy to use standard entry.

Multiple models.



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