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I have used your products for years, to start at least 6 businesses. pro forma is the best business tool I have used. It's great. Thanks.

Scott K.


For nearly twenty years we have grown primarily by word of mouth. Competitors come and go as we continue to focus on products and services designed to serve your needs. You want products from a company that will be here tomorrow. We were here to end the '80s, fill the dot com bubble of the '90s, survive the '00s and now we are going to help you prosper in '10s. You can count on us being here for you tomorrow.

A few recent comments you may enjoy... (Yes, a lot are about pro forma, because that is our most popular product.)

Some of our favorite comments are the simplest:

"I really love this program [pro forma]. I really like it." -- Chuck T.

"I just wanted to say thank you." -- Robert O. "I have moved to another company, and this is the third time I have purchased your Everything package. It is the best tool I have ever used. Thank you." - Brenda S. "I had a few days to complete a business case for a new start-up and Proforma [pro forma] came through like a champ. 24 hours ago, I didn't even have completed expense or revenue projections. I now have an analytical basis worth sinking teeth into."

"Proforma's the powertool's Powertool. Regards, Karl"

"Thanks for all your help. I'm still amazed at what this thing can do." Gary Tony purchased everything, and here is what he had to say:

"Best money I've ever spent!"

Computer Shopper had some kind words... "Spreadware's pro forma is a powerful business forecasting tool that's easy to use..." "...excellent written and onscreen documentation..." "...if you need a statistically sound projection of where your business is going, pro forma does an excellent job." (Now, if they could just get our phone number correct...) ComputerUser magazine reviewed 11 of the most popular programs that aided in business planning, risk and decision analysis, and forecasting. What did they say about pro forma? "The best of the best. All in all, pro forma is the easiest-to-use and most useful business tool I've ever used." and if you wondered if it is difficult to use: "Perhaps most important, pro forma handles all these tasks without asking much of you."


"Budget Maestro is a great tool, but it took too long to change to an alternate scenario. I need pro forma." N.U. Yes, we have many international customers, including Nikos S. from Greece: "...this software [pro forma] is very good." To: sales Subject: THANK YOU!! Thank you for your kind and very prompt assistance. You have exceeded my expectations and it shall be easy to remember the name of your company. Sam F

"Tristan used pro forma to find funding: We got our money! Thanks!"

"You're far better than those nitwits at Palo Alto." - Carlton K.

"Thanks for the great service and the outstanding products." -- John M

"I use pro forma and SBV [Spreadware Business Valuator] to do about 50 valuations a year. I've got to have them." -- Scott

"Your service is amazing!" "Your documentation is very impressive." "I love this package!!!" -- Diane

"We are very pleased with [Business Financial Analysis] spreadsheet analysis and Z score... I have altered our copy for these items also for UK sterling and for other UK differences on debt classification. Overall the model will save us a lot of time and the presentation is excellent. Our clients are already commenting on how useful it will be. Thanks very much." -- Richard T. "Just received my money from the investors, thanks to pro forma." BK "Cashe [Ca$he, Business Matters, Inc.] did not provide the flexibility I needed. I'm glad I found pro forma." Steve "I use pro forma as a sanity check, and to do my payback analysis. It's a great program! Thanks." S B K Dear Sirs, this is just to thank you very much and I have to tell you that this software works also with Excel in French language Sincerely yours Felice "I was very impressed with both your programs and found them to be user friendly and the calculations exact." -- Professor, St. Mary's University pro forma - "The product is flexible, and technical support is outstanding." Ken "Wow- thanks for the fast service! Thanks again." LD What do you do when you go to another company, buy more Spreadware as Laurie did: "By the way, I have used this product in the past at a previous job and found it very useful. I'll look forward to receiving information about other products ( I have joined the mailing list!)." Laurie TurboFAST and WinFAST just didn't suit me the way pro forma does. Thanks. HW "Best money I've ever spent. Deluxe!" Tony "Cool. I knew there had to be an easier way of consolidating all of the offices around the world." JC

"Very complete." Frank

" - "