<b>Q: I have been using your products for years and have updated to version 2007 of Microsoft Office (2007 Excel). My files do not work with Excel 2007, why?</b>
A: Because you need to get your free updates. There were significant changes in Excel 2007, so we have rewritten all products to take advantage of the new version of Excel. Once you install the new version, you will be good to go. (Users who purchase versions that work with Excel 2003 & earlier, will be able to download 2007 & later versions when they move to the new environment, at no charge.)

<b>Q: I have Windows Vista and nothing works right on it. Will Spreadware products work on Vista?</b>
A: Yes, we know first hand what a pain Vista is for many users. (The head of Vista for Microsoft has "stepped down.") First, all Spreadware products work perfectly on Vista because you can still run Excel and our applications work within Excel, but we can make the Vista experience better for any user. Even those who do not use Spreadware products will benefit from the following:

<i>Vista Users! If you are using Windows Vista, we can improve your Vista experience! Every customer we have talked with that has Turned Off the User Account Control in Vista has been so grateful--EVERYONE found the constant questioning by the operating system annoying. Here is how you turn off the User Account Control in Windows Vista: Go to the Control Panel; select User Accounts; select User Accounts--yes, again if necessary; select Turn User Account Control on or off; deselect User Account Control (UAC) and select OK. Restart Windows. Using Vista just became a better experience.</i>

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