We need some feedback!

If you think we can help you and you can help us by giving us some feedback on your experience and what was lacking, let us know at free@s********e.com

What's the catch? There is none. No pay now and we will refund later when you have given useful feedback. Ask for a copy of the program you need and give us feedback. So, the catch is giving feedback...promising to give feedback.

Now as to another meaning of 'FREE Spreadware' -- making the source accessible -- we are not there yet.

Wait, I get it! You want my e-mail to spam me / sell! Get over yourself, we don't even send e-mail to our wonderful customers who have paid for the product over the years. BTW, our customers are awesome!!!!!!

If you would like to become a paying customer because you understand that products such as these require a great deal of time and effort to develop, thank you! Like you, we have bills to pay, and as much as we enjoy helping everyone, those who have paid are our first priority. Again, thank you if you are so inclined to join the club of Spreadware users.


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