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Customers used to call and asked if there was a discount if they ordered everything. It seemed a bit inefficient to negotiate with each customer, and all customers deserve the same deal, so we place the discount here as our everything package, offering substantial savings!

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Spreadware products work with all versions of Excel since the introduction of VBA (Visual Basic for Applications) in Office '97. All Spreadware products are provided in two formats: Office/Excel 2007 & later (includes 2010) and Office/Excel 2003 & earlier.

Our products work wherever you are running Excel, whether that be Windows 7, Windows Vista or Windows XP. If you have Excel running, you can use Spreadware products, unless you are a Macintosh user. (Microsoft stopped supporting VBA in the Macintosh environment, but claims to be adding it back...because of users' dissatisfaction with no longer being able to run Spreadware products.)

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