pro forma "The best of the best. All in all, pro forma is the easiest-to-use and most useful business tool I've ever used." ComputerUser Magazine Quickly and easily set-up, generate and analyze pro forma (projected) financial statements for up to ten years. With this program a user can forecast and evaluate a company's financial condition, estimate financing requirements, track cash-flow sources and uses, perform what if? analyses on alternative courses of action and provide a standard for evaluation of actual performance. Automated consolidation, debt schedules, fixed asset schedules, rules based credit line, instant histograms and more make this program our most popular tool, and our greatest time saver. More info

>>> Spreadware Business Valuator There are numerous methods of estimating the value of a company, and Spreadware Business Valuator provides you with more than ten of the most popular and useful methods. These methods can be used independently, or weighted in any manner. You do not have to be a professional appraiser to come up with a valuation. Do it yourself quickly and easily with this intuitive, useful tool. (And for you professional appraisers, this product is a must have if you are interested in saving T - I - M - E!) More info >>>

Spreadware Budgeting A set of menu driven tools that allows users to create, manipulate, consolidate and disperse simple or complex budgets. The tools have value because the data manipulation routines can be applied to any document, not just budgets. (If you want a "plug-in the numbers" budgeting, take a look at pro forma!) More info >>>

Business Financial Analysis This easy-to-use, flexible and powerful program will perform financial statement analysis, cash-flow forecasting & analysis, ratio analysis and more. Did we mention the program includes the popular and powerful Z-Score model, which helps predict the likelihood of a business going bankrupt? More info >>>

Beyond Breakeven Beyond Breakeven is the unparalleled profit maximization tool. A tool that allows simple and complex business decisions to be made with a more complete understanding of the parameters surrounding an issue. In times of economic boom, or economic bust, making an informed decision is often the difference between success and failure. When you choose to use or not use the financial tools at your disposal, you are making the same success/failure decision. By using Beyond Breakeven, you are making the choice to succeed, and if you are not using it, you're losing money... More info >>>

Services For 30 years we have supported various spreadsheet and office suite environments, primarily from Microsoft. Besides the products we provide, we offer custom development services to better serve our customer's complete needs... More info >>>

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