Businesses use pro forma because it is flexible, powerful, and can generate results now. Whether you call it forecasting or budgeting, it is the tool for you!


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Nice compliment: A company invested $20,000+ in modeling with another product then switched to pro forma for their $100,000,000 acquisition, thanking us for the product and wishing they had found it earlier. On the other end of the spectrum, a very nice customer used pro forma for modeling a new motorcycle business for their bank. Forecasting/budgeting, whatever you are trying to do, you can do it with pro forma. A few comments,


from one user: "I really love this program. I really like it."
and another: "It is the best tool I have ever used."

and reviewers: "The best of the best. All in all, pro forma is the easiest-to-use and most useful business tool I've ever used."

"Perhaps most important, pro forma handles all these tasks without asking much of you."

"Spreadware's pro forma is a powerful business forecasting tool that's easy to use..." "...excellent written and on screen documentation..." "...if you need a statistically sound projection of where your business is going, pro forma does an excellent job."

Product Highlights

Automated forecast of one to ten years, with detailed analysis of financial statements for any type of organization, from manufacturing and service to non-profit.

Forecast by month, corporate period (10 or 13), quarter or year.

Apply multiple forecasting periods to a single model.

Detail up to 100 revenue sources. Apply revenue forecasting tool to individual sources.

Complete analysis of income and financial statements, including "days" and "% of" analysis.

Comprehensive cash-flow (cash flow? cashflow?) analysis for each period, including detailed breakdown of sources and uses.

Cash analysis to determine funding requirements.

Apply Fixed, Percent, Growth (dollar or percent), Formula or Table Override Projection Methods for greater accuracy.

Line of Credit feature.

Revenue forecasting tools.

"Days" Override Projection Method for revenues and operating expenses, making it easy apply collection (accounts receivable) and payables (accounts payable) payments, are also available as balance sheet Override Projection Methods. Automated tools to apply What if?'s quickly.

Automated account insertion, to ensure analysis and cash flow models are updated.

Debt schedules with automatic amortization, interest and other payment calculations.

Fixed Asset schedules, replete with automated depreciation!

Asset can be placed into service during any period, and automatically depreciated.

Unlimited number of automated Employee, Debt, Fixed Asset and Credit Line schedules.

Completely independent forecasted models, for comparison of multiple scenarios.

Historical data with show/hide options available for comparison.

Unlimited number of models, What if?'s and variations can be created quickly and easily.

Instant histograms, which allow you to histogram any item within the model, instantly. Originally requested by users to spot changes in fixed assets, we have made it an all encompassing tool.

Extremely flexible, powerful and easy to use.

Incorporated into the Excel environment for easy transportability and manipulation of data.

Historical data retained. View/hide feature for historical data presentation.

Intuitive interface and environment has you up and running quickly.

Consolidation! Yes, we have the automated consolidation features you demanded, to bring together an unlimited number of models...
Yes, it's this easy!

pro forma's Menu

Quickly and easily set-up, generate and analyze pro forma (projected/budgeted) financial statements. You can forecast and evaluate a company's financial condition, estimate financing requirements, track cash-flow sources and uses, perform what if? analyses on alternative courses of action and provide a standard for evaluation of actual performance.

Users who have to spend time building pro forma's, whether for simple budgeting or sophisticated financial modeling of acquisitions, know how time consuming and monotonous the task can be, and how frustrating it is when you have to make an adjustment or run an alternative scenario. Spreadware has designed a comprehensive tool to save you a great deal of time and frustration: pro forma is completely automated, so we do the arduous work for you. After the user sets the parameters, the pro forma financial statements (complete with detailed analyses!) are quickly generated. Print the pro formas and review the results. Change variables to review 'what if?', using powerful 'what if?' menu commands. Consolidate multiple models into a detailed consolidated summary model. Very flexible! You decide how simple or complex you want your model!

Creating pro forma financial statements is often required in business, but is a necessity when trying to efficiently manage and maneuver a business to maximum profitability, especially in challenging business and economic environments. Some call it budgeting. Some call it forecasting. Some call it strategic planning. For some it is acquisition/merger/funding/startup/credit analysis. Whatever the name, the task can be extremely time consuming and daunting, unless you are using Spreadware's pro forma. You don't think it's an accident that successful organizations such as Nestle, Motorola, Michelin Tire, Nynex, Microsoft, Chevron, Gund and many other large and small service, manufacturing and not-for-profit organizations have purchased pro forma, do you? Olin's Realworld MBA program. USF's Executive MBA program. It's all around. Janette, Woody, Michael and others like yourself have made their lives much easier by letting pro forma do much of the work. (Financial institutions also use the software, to run their own models on your business.)

This is an excellent tool for business management, budgeting, business planning, analyzing acquisition feasibility, creating loan/investment proposals and more! A must tool for successful planning. Powerful, yet easy to use and understand! You do not have to be a financial expert or Excel whiz to use the program, it is very easy to use and understand. (If you are an expert or a whiz, we've put in the power you expect!) Our goal is to make software that will do the work, so you can do the thinking.


Spreadware programs have integrated with Excel since the introduction of VBA (Visual Basic for Applications).

All Spreadware products are provided in three formats: Office/Excel 2013 & later; Office/Excel pre-2013; and, Office/Excel 2003 & earlier.

Our products work wherever you are running Excel for Windows, whether that be Windows 10, Windows 7, Windows Vista or Windows XP. If you are a Macintosh user: Microsoft stopped supporting VBA in the Macintosh environment. Because of users' dissatisfaction with the Macintosh Excel experience, we are not supporting the environment at this time.

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