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There are numerous methods of estimating the value of a company, and Spreadware Business Valuator provides you with more than ten of the most popular and useful methods. These methods can be used independently, or weighted in any manner. You could hire an appraiser for thousands of dollars who could give you a wide range estimate, or do it yourself quickly and easily.

Not only does this model apply various valuation methods, but methods can be combined and weighted. Weighting can also be applied within a method. If you own or are invested in a business, do you know what it's worth? If you are buying or selling a business, shouldn't you apply a valuation model?

Because of the easy to understand design, you do not need to be a financial expert to estimate the value of a business when using Spreadware Business Valuator, and most importantly - it is designed so closely held company values can be estimated quickly and easily!


Product Highlights

Book Value

Adjusted Book Value

Income Capitalization

Discounted Earnings

Discounted Cash Flow

Price Earnings Multiple

Dividend Capitalization

Sales Multiple

Profit Multiple

Liquidation Value

Replacement Value

True Value

Quick Value allows you to grab and create a value from any spreadsheet.

Interactive/form input to simplify entry.

Method weighting/mixing.

Easy to use and understand (accounting background not necessary).



Spreadware programs have integrated with Excel since the introduction of VBA (Visual Basic for Applications).

All Spreadware products are provided in three formats: Office/Excel 2013 & later; Office/Excel pre-2013; and, Office/Excel 2003 & earlier.

Our products work wherever you are running Excel for Windows, whether that be Windows 10, Windows 7, Windows Vista or Windows XP. If you are a Macintosh user: Microsoft stopped supporting VBA in the Macintosh environment. Because of users' dissatisfaction with the Macintosh Excel experience, we are not supporting the environment at this time.

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