Existing customers: We no longer contact customers directly about updates because if someone complains that we have spammed them, even when they requested to be on our e-mail update notification list, it can be a nightmare. Also, it is a pain to have to penetrate the firewalls and filters. So we have designed version status checking into the software. You can check the software's status easily and quickly, just by selecting a menu. Of course, you can e-mail us with any question and we will gladly answer. We appreciate your continued support. Thank you. Five things you should know when ordering updates:

  • You are getting a complete version. The old version does not need to be installed.
  • Our updates are based on your feedback.
  • We no longer need to send e-mail update notices! There have been so many problems with e-mail mistaken as spam that we no longer send to our mailing list. There are thousands of you with whom we have lost touch. If your password still works, download the new version. If not, you need to order an update from this page. It does not make a difference if you have moved or changed your e-mail address, we no longer have to keep track of you. You can check the status of your software at anytime from within the program, and the program will remind you to check if 90 days go by without the status being checked.
  • You can order it now and get it now. What else can we do to serve you?


On-line Order Form All prices in US Dollars - (Check Current Release Data)

Update Everything! (The newest release for all 5 products!) $ 99. (Order)

pro forma $ 79. (Order | Multiple Updates)

Spreadware Business Valuator (SBV) $ 29. (Order | Multiple Updates)

Business Financial Analysis (BFA) $ 29. (Order | Multiple Updates)

Spreadware Budgeting $ 39. (Order | Multiple Updates)

Beyond Breakeven for Windows $ 49. (Order | Multiple Updates)

During the 30 years we have been in business, we have grown to serve customers the world over. To better serve all customers, our order form can now be viewed in multiple languages, and multiple currencies.

If you have a suggestion on how me may better serve you, please let us know: cs[AT]spreadware.com When you view the cart it will be loaded with all choices if you select Multiple Products. Remove any items you will not be purchasing. If you are taking advantage of our everything discount by ordering our most complete package, order the Everything package at the top. Have a great day!


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